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Parking Lot Repair Services in San Jose

Does your parking lot look like a minefield? Safeguard your asphalt investment and ensure a smooth, inviting parking area with parking lot repair services in San Jose from American Asphalt. We’ve got you covered, providing comprehensive asphalt maintenance services.

Parking Lot Crack and Pothole Repair

Weather, traffic, and pedestrians take a toll on your San Jose parking lot over time, creating cracks, ruts, and potholes. These obstacles present a safety risk and collect water, which infiltrates asphalt’s sublayers and shortens its lifespan. Fortunately, our skilled San Jose paving contractors can repair busted blacktop, restoring it to a smooth, level surface so you can maximize your asphalt investment.

Parking Lot Sealcoating in San Jose

Asphalt becomes more vulnerable to moisture with age, but routine sealcoating offers lasting, cost-effective protection. Keep your San Jose parking lot looking shiny and new, giving it an extra layer of defense against weather, water, and chemical abuse with our top-quality sealcoating mixtures.

Parking Lot Striping and ADA Compliance

Maximize parking, improve traffic flow, and create a welcoming environment for disabled patrons and employees with clear parking lot striping. Our skilled asphalt striping contractors know how to design and apply straight, crisp ADA compliant striping in San Jose, so you’ll never have to worry about a poor parking lot paint job.

Parking Lot Curbing and Drainage

Enhance parking lot layout and performance with strategically placed curbing, walkways, sidewalks, islands, and drainage. Ask our parking lot design team how you can improve parking lot traffic flow and pedestrian safety with concrete additions or manage drainage issues on your San Jose parking lot with curbing, slope adjustments, drainage, or inlets.

A Trusted San Jose Paving Provider

American Asphalt has a reputation throughout the Bay Area for top-notch customer service and impeccably finished results. Let us give your retail center, restaurant, business, school, or industrial parking lot a facelift. Our full-service, in-house paving crew never delegates to subcontractors. We will work closely with you and your tenants, planning to ensure minimal disruption during your paving project and your ultimate satisfaction.

Improve your commercial property’s looks, function, and value with parking lot repair services in San Jose from American Asphalt. Find out why we’re San Jose’s preferred commercial paving contractor. Contact us at 510-723-0280 to schedule a pavement evaluation today.


San Jose, CA

San Jose is among the Bay Area’s fastest-growing regions. Located at the heart of Silicon Valley, it houses technology, corporate, and research giants, drawing workers seeking opportunities in these cutting-edge sectors. American Asphalt is proud to provide this Santa Clara County city with fast, affordable parking lot repairs, providing trustworthy paving services throughout the Bay Area since 1983.