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Asphalt Maintenance Company in San Jose

Asphalt Maintenance Company in San Jose

Asphalt Maintenance Company

Even the most well-maintained asphalt shows its age over time. Restore your worn asphalt to its former beauty with help from the most trusted asphalt maintenance company in San Jose. American Asphalt offers affordable, lasting asphalt repaving and repairs. Our skilled paving contractors know how to expertly erase blacktop blemishes, extending your pavement’s lifespan and ensuring a positive first impression.

Reduce Asphalt Repair Costs with Our Speedy Services

Don’t let cracks and potholes grow. Timely maintenance from our San Jose commercial paving company prevents snowballing repair costs. Addressing surface deterioration and minor asphalt repairs as they arise is easier and less costly than fixing deep, long-term pavement damage. Regular asphalt maintenance also guards against the need for expensive resurfacing and repaving – or in worst-case scenarios, pavement replacement.

Extend Pavement Lifespan with Regular Asphalt Sealing in San Jose

Regularly slathering on sealcoating following routine pavement maintenance is an inexpensive way to protect your pavement. Sealcoating guards your asphalt against dirt, chemicals, UV damage, and weather, preventing deterioration. It also offers protection against moisture, your blacktop’s biggest enemy. Adding a coat every three years can double your San Jose pavement’s lifespan.

Get Superior Results with Help from Our San Jose Paving Contractors

We are the preferred provider of asphalt services in the Bay Area. Our employee-owned asphalt maintenance company serves HOA’s, commercial and retail centers, educational and healthcare facilities, and California state and San Jose municipal properties. Our team of in-house San Jose paving professionals can manage everything from routine sealing to repairs, asphalt removal, and replacement. You can count on us for lasting, quality work using the best equipment and materials, completed on time with minimal disruption.

Keep your pavement looking its best with help from an asphalt maintenance company in San Jose you can trust. Contact American Asphalt at 510-723-0280 to get a quote on paving services today.

San Jose, CA

San Jose is California’s third largest city and home to the Silicon Valley technology hub. This Santa Clara County city offers high-tech perks, alongside convenient access to three major airports, hundreds of regional parks and gardens, and abundant cultural attractions and entertainment venues in downtown San Jose. American Asphalt is proud to provide asphalt repair services throughout the region, delivering trustworthy paving services throughout the Bay Area since 1982.