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Noticed for our customer care. The efficient job sites. The on time and on budget delivery. The unmistakable attention to detail. These are the hallmarks of American Asphalt. But they don’t happen automatically. They happen because of our people. From parking lots to roadways, our people make us who we are. Let’s be straight, laying asphalt is hot, dirty, smelly work. Yet, many people stick around American Asphalt like, well, hot asphalt to the bottom of a steel-toed boot. So the secret to our high performance reputation is really no secret at all: We hire great people who love what they do. We train them, equip them, provide opportunities for advancement, and reward well for a job done properly. We take pride in our people who take pride in their work. In 2019, we became employee owned, giving our employees shares of the company. Now we all benefit from the success of American Asphalt.

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Adrian Bustos Adrian Bustos Striping Superintendent
Alex Christianson Alex Christianson Estimator
Alex Sofranac Alex Sofranac Estimator
Allan Henderson Allan Henderson Founder & CEO
Andres Martinez Andres Martinez Shop
Arturo Lopez Arturo Lopez Sealcoat Superintendent
Aurelio Salinas Aurelio Salinas Slurry Superintendent
Brandon Aguilar Brandon Aguilar Estimator
Carlos Martinez Carlos Martinez Concrete Superintendent
Carlos Rosales Carlos Rosales Asphalt Superintendent
Chris Babcock Chris Babcock Estimator
Chris Nyberg Chris Nyberg Director of Business Development
Cinthya Velazquez Cinthya Velazquez Administrative Assistant
Dale Kunz Dale Kunz Chief Estimator
Debbie Ebel Debbie Ebel Accounting Specialist
Donny Sierra Donny Sierra EHS Manager
Efrain Rodarte Efrain Rodarte Shop
Erica Ornelas Erica Ornelas Bid & Contracts Administrator
Gerardo Gonzalez Gerardo Gonzalez Project Manager
Humberto Suarez Humberto Suarez Asphalt Superintendent
Jackie Buckley Jackie Buckley Job Cost Coordinator
James Vigeant James Vigeant Estimator
Janet Hoover Janet Hoover Payroll & HR Specialist
Javier Velazquez Javier Velazquez Production Manager
Jeannie Nyberg Jeannie Nyberg Director of Marketing
Jesus Magana Jesus Magana Concrete Superintendent
Jon Swartz Jon Swartz Project Manager
Jose Tellez Jose Tellez Dispatcher & Mr. Tech
Mark Pingol Mark Pingol Project Manager
Martha Hernandez Martha Hernandez Accounting Specialist
Mindy Irmer Mindy Irmer Controller
Mylene Covington Mylene Covington Receptionist
Pat Mills Pat Mills Dispatcher
Rhonda Scott Rhonda Scott Project & General Accountant
Ricardo Buenrostro Ricardo Buenrostro Manager
Ronnie Rosales Ronnie Rosales Concrete Superintendent
Salvador Rodarte Salvador Rodarte Shop
Shel Waggener Shel Waggener President
Sofia Moral Sofia Moral Sales Coordinator
Steve Aguirre Steve Aguirre Vice President
Steve Barrett Steve Barrett Estimator
Steve Murphy Steve Murphy Director of Sales
Stu Miller Stu Miller Estimator

Join the Best Asphalt Company in the Bay Area!

Incredible Benefits:

Competitive Wages ● Employee Stock Ownership Plan ● 401(k) ● 401 (k) matching
Health Insurance ● Dental Insurance ● Paid time off

The Unique Culture of the American Asphalt Family

Many of our employees have been with us over 10, 20 and even 30 years. We have low turnover because employees love to work here. Our team has an enormous sense of pride with the work they do every day. We enjoy interacting with our co-workers and are dedicated to serving our clients. We work on big projects that requires hard work and efficient communication. We work hard, we play hard. During our busy summer months, we host regular team BBQs to give us a chance to unwind together and build comradery. We host an annual fishing trip, giving our team a chance to bond off the pavement. American Asphalt is a family-oriented company committed to safety and the well-being of its employees and the community. You will often see Team American Asphalt helping the community in a variety of ways. Whether it be raising money riding the Tour de Fox or hosting a food drive for our local community food bank, we are always looking for ways to give back to the communities we work in.

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