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Bay Area ADA and Asphalt Striping Contractors

Bay Area ADA and Asphalt Striping Contractors

ADA and Asphalt Striping Contractors

Parking lot striping involves more than the ability to paint a straight line. An effective layout to maximize parking and traffic flow, markings for handicap access, fire lanes, and more are crucial to a well-functioning lot. Fortunately, our team is well versed in parking lot design and the latest ADA requirements, ensuring safety and protecting you from fines, penalties, and liability. We specialize in ADA compliant striping, providing competitively priced parking lot striping services for commercial and public properties throughout the Bay Area since 1983.

American Asphalt Can Handle All Your Bay Area Pavement Marking Needs

Our striping experts have the knowledge to ensure you meet the most current Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) requirements, whether you need markings for an HOA, apartment community, retail center, commercial or industrial complex, playground, park path, or roadway. We can breathe new life into your asphalt using the latest in vibrant, durable paint technology to designate:

  • Straight and angled parking
  • Handicap parking
  • Crosswalks
  • Directional indicators
  • Fire lanes
  • No parking zones
  • Loading/unloading zones
  • And more – ask us about our custom pavement marking solutions

Solve Traffic Flow Issues with Our Expert Design Services

Replace your existing striping, or design a new pavement marking scheme to address your parking lot navigation issues and ADA requirements. We can help you maximize space, improve traffic flow, fit more cars into your parking lot, and incorporate ADA ramps for improved accessibility. With expert assistance from our marking masters, your business can better accommodate disabled patrons and employees, ensuring compliance with state and federal ADA rules.

Breathe new life into your asphalt surfaces with bright, crisp markings from the Bay Area ADA and asphalt striping contractors at American Asphalt. Contact us at 510-723-0280 or click on this form to schedule a quick quote for striping at your Vacaville, Alameda, Pleasanton, or Santa Clara premises today.