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What Does It Cost to Sealcoat a Parking Lot?

If your business, like many others, is working with a budget that’s been stretched thin, you may be procrastinating on sealcoating protection. But this is one commercial maintenance task you don’t want to let slide. Sealcoating goes beyond curb appeal. It is an essential investment in asphalt longevity – and it may not be as expensive as you think. What does it cost to sealcoat a parking lot, and what factors impact the cost?

asphalt maintenance sealcoating

Sealcoating Asphalt Costs More, the Larger the Space

Sealcoating is an affordable and easy solution for improving the looks of stained, faded asphalt and minimizing the appearance of small cracks. Like other services, the more you need, the greater the cost. Square footage impacts price. The larger the surface, the more you should expect to pay for sealcoating materials and labor. Fortunately, we offer affordable sealcoating solutions for everything from walkways and small commercial parking lots to sports courts and large government and industrial parking facilities. Our in-depth assessments and estimates ensure no unexpected costs.

Asphalt Sealer Quality Impacts Price

Our experienced team uses only premium, high solids sealcoating formulations. Cheap, watered-down solutions don’t last. We apply the sealer properly, letting each layer dry between coats and allotting 24 hours of curing time before use for lasting durability. With proper application by our skilled paving contractors, a shiny new layer of sealcoating will last 3-4 years.

Asphalt Cleaning and Repair Needs Can Add to Costs

Heavily stained or debris-laden asphalt needs a thorough cleaning for the sealer to adhere properly. Chips, large cracks, and potholes also require full-depth repair before sealant application. This added labor can increase sealcoating costs.

High-Traffic Areas Require Extra Protection

Most paved surfaces require only two coats of sealer for lasting strength. However, a third layer of sealcoating may be necessary to ensure a long-wearing surface in heavy traffic locations. Though the added labor and materials will add cost, laying it on thick assures optimal coverage and durability.

Save 10X Your Investment – Don’t Skimp on the Sealcoating

Sealcoating return on investment is clear. Sealcoating damage-proofs your asphalt, providing a layer of protection against mechanical abuse, UV rays, extreme weather, roadway chemicals, and other contaminants. It prevents water infiltration into cracks and holes that leads to rapid deterioration and more costly asphalt repairs. Sealcoating not only keeps your asphalt looking beautiful, but it can also maintain your asphalt’s durability, helping it last 30 years or more, provided no structural issues. At just a fraction of the high cost of asphalt replacement, the minimal cost of this routine maintenance task is a bargain.

What does it cost to sealcoat a parking lot? Our sealcoating services are extremely affordable. Contact American Asphalt at 510-723-0280 for a detailed, competitively priced quote on asphalt sealcoating services for your Hayward, Fremont, San Jose, Walnut Creek, Fairfield, or Oakland business today.

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