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Pothole Repair for Roads and Parking Lots in Oakland

Are you wondering if you can repair the giant, gaping potholes in your asphalt? When you’re looking for pothole repair for roads and parking lots in Oakland, we’ve got you covered. Our commercial asphalt maintenance crew can work wonders, restoring seemingly bottomless potholes back to a smooth, level surface and extending your pavement’s lifespan.

Pothole Repair for Roads and Parking Lots Oakland

How Did This Pothole Get So Big?

If your Oakland or San Leandro business’ asphalt is older or you let your sealcoating slide, it becomes vulnerable to moisture damage from rain and runoff. Once trapped beneath the surface, this moisture causes asphalt to contract and expand, weakening its foundation and leading to cracks and potholes. If you don’t kick those cracks to the curb in a hurry with timely repairs, damage can quickly progress to large potholes, especially in high-traffic areas. 

American Asphalt Repairs Oakland’s Potholes – Large and Small

Our in-house team of Oakland asphalt contractors has the equipment and expertise to manage all kinds of asphalt repairs. For cracks and smaller potholes of 1 inch or less, we start by removing vegetation and debris in the crack or pothole, followed by a thorough cleaning. Once the pavement is completely dry, we apply crack fill based on site conditions, choosing between cold-pour, hot-pour, and other specialized mixtures.

If your Oakland or San Leandro parking lot or roads have extremely large potholes, our pavement evaluators may recommend removing the damaged section. Once we’ve cleared the debris from pothole removal, we pour in the patch, tamping it down until it is compacted, flat, and level with the surrounding surface. We might use a hand tamper, compactor, or asphalt roller depending on the pothole’s size. Once we’ve achieved a seamless fill, we let the pothole repair cure for 24 hours, following up with sealcoating to ensure a uniform, water-resistant finish.

You can also rely on us to repair cracked or crumbling concrete roads and parking lots at your Bay Area commercial property.

Ensure lasting pothole repair for roads and parking lots in Oakland and San Leandro with help from American Asphalt. Contact us at 510-723-0280 to get a quote on asphalt repair today.

Oakland, CA

Scenic Oakland lies on the San Francisco Bay’s east side near San Leandro, offering a range of beautiful views, from the ocean to redwood-covered hills. Diverse and energetic, with a variety of shopping, dining, and entertainment options in the inner harbor, near the city’s bustling deep-water port, it lures visitors, residents, and businesses alike. American Asphalt has been a proud provider of trustworthy, cost-effective asphalt repair services to this Alameda County city since 1983.

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