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Striping Your Parking Lot Right the First Time

Is it time to stripe your parking lot? Striping your parking lot right the first time is essential. It might be tempting to do this job yourself, thinking parking lot striping is “just paint.” But there’s more to parking lot striping than simply painting a straight line and guesstimating the layout. Striping has a tremendous impact on your parking lot’s functionality. Effectively making the most available parking lot space requires some serious design skills, a lot of math, and some tough choices.

Parking Lot Paving

Amateur Striping Can Cause BIG Problems

The right striping paint, appropriate temperatures, and a clean surface are essential to a lasting surface. But that’s often the least of customer worries. Our professional striping contractors have had to correct some interesting amateur striping issues over the years. Substandard striping and poor lot layouts can cause a lot of serious problems, from traffic jams that make your business less desirable to your customers to accidents that leave owners liable for damages.

Doing it Right Costs Less than Doing it Over

Freshly (mis)painted lines can be nearly impossible to remove. It takes a lot of work to pressure clean and scrape off misapplied lines for a re-do. If you can’t erase your striping errors, blackout paint or sealcoating may be necessary to correct the damage. All this work is a huge headache, costing unnecessary time and money.

Ensure an Attractive, Functional Parking Lot with Professional Asphalt Striping

Our parking lot design experts can lay out your lot, making the most of every inch of available space and ensuring optimal traffic flow. We can help you formulate the ideal design for your business, choosing between perpendicular 90-degree or 45 or 60-degree angled parking with one-way traffic flow, including incorporating ADA-compliant stalls according to local guidelines. We have the professional equipment and knowledge to deliver crisp, clean parking lot striping results.

Stripe your parking lot right the first time. Keep your parking lot looking its best, ensuring a positive experience for customers and tenants with parking lot striping services from American Asphalt. Contact us at 510-723-0280 to schedule a striping estimate for your Fairfield, Vacaville, Oakland, Hayward, Pleasanton, or San Jose business today.

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