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How to Know When Your Parking Lot Needs Replacement

Is your commercial parking lot driving down your property value? Addressing the shabby parking lot at your commercial property, retail center, or apartment community not only enhances your property’s curb appeal and value but safeguards your business against liability from vehicle damage and personal injuries. How can you tell when your parking lot needs replacement rather than simple asphalt repair?

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5 Signs Your Parking Lot Needs Replacement
  1. Fading
    If you’ve been letting your sealcoating needs slide, sunlight damage and weather exposure can turn your parking lot from a rich black to a faded grey. This may seem only cosmetic, but it can indicate larger problems when paired with the following issues.
  2. Alligator cracks
    If the surface of your parking lot bears cracks reminiscent of an alligator’s back, you may be in trouble. Alligator cracks can spread quickly and are a blaring sign that your parking lot’s foundation is degrading. Prompt attention is crucial to preventing extensive repairs or total parking lot replacement.
  3. Potholes
    Are vehicles and patrons dodging potholes in your parking lot? Potholes result from the progression of cracks. This damage allows water to seep beneath the pavement, weakening asphalt substructure during freeze/thaw cycles. Potholes are more than a nuisance, causing severe damage and injury – addressing potholes quickly protects you from liability.
  4. Standing Water
    Drainage issues are never a good sign. If you could float a flock of rubber ducks throughout your parking lot, it’s probably well past time for repairs. Standing water, paired with cracks and potholes, poses a dual threat: Damage from water infiltration into pavement sublayers and a severe hazard for pedestrians.
  5. Warping or crumbling
    Expansion and contraction from water damage can turn your parking lot into a veritable funhouse, featuring bumps, divots, and dives that rattle cars and trip customers. Warping, crumbling pavement almost always points to the need for parking lot replacement.
Is it Still Possible to Repair My Parking Lot?

Our skilled team can assess your parking lot’s condition and address safety issues, drainage problems, and faded markings with ease. We excel at maintaining and repairing parking lots and extending their usable lifespan. However, excessive wear, sagging, potholes, ruts, water damaged asphalt, and ADA non-compliant lots lacking access ramps may require replacement. Fortunately, we have you covered with fast, high-quality parking lot construction services.

At American Asphalt, we know how to tell when your parking lot needs replacement, helping you ensure a safe, appealing property. Contact us at 510-723-0280 to schedule a complimentary pavement evaluation for your Hayward, Oakland, Pleasanton, Fairfield, or Vacaville property today.

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