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American Asphalt, Hayward, CA, Wine Bottling Party

Good Wine, Great Asphalt!

American Asphalt takes great pride in its top-quality commercial paving services and our dedicated team. In this video, owner and company president, Allan Hendersen introduces the annual wine bottling party to show appreciation for the employees responsible for the company’s success and industry reputation.

Hendersen believes that wine making is similar to the asphalt paving process. He says, “The guys on the crew are passionate about what they are doing. They like their work; they respect each other and trust the equipment they use. They want to do the best job they can for the customer and the company. It’s the same thing with the wine making process… it comes from the heart.”  With most of the wine making being done up north, Henderson decided to bring the operations to his team every year around harvest time. A barbeque and outdoor games make it an exciting day for the team to relax and bond with each other off the job.

Staff members are able to custom label and personalize the wine they make. Each bottle is sealed with a cork that says “Good Wine, Great Asphalt”. “They can say, hey I bottled this wine,” explains Hendersen.  “We still make all the wine ourselves, bottle it, cork it and give it away to friends. What we are pouring today is a 2012 Petit Sirah; this was made with grapes from the Trentadue Winery in Sonoma County.”

Sampling the wine, Hendersen says, “It has a nice hint of asphalt with a nice feel of sealcoat on the back end and I can just taste a little roughness in it…showing that it was a real hydrative asphalt!”

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