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Time to Check Your ADA Compliance

Time is up for compliance with the 2010 Federal regulations with the Americans with Disabilities Act, according to Chris Taylor from ADA Compliance Consultants. Since March 15, 2012 the law will now be enforced. Elements in compliance with the 1991 standards may or may not work with current regulations.

Doesn’t State law have to meet Federal accessibility guidelines?

Most people think that would be true. However, the range of adoption can vary significantly. A state might adopt some of the federal guidelines verbatim, may tweak some of the language in the laws (which can change the meaning) and some laws are completely altered. Some states may not fully enforce federal guidelines, which can open the door to legal mischief.

A good consultant like Chris and ADA Compliance Consultants know the state codes and can design a solution that accommodates both state and federal guidelines to ensure you are completely compliant.
Visit Chris at www.ada-pros.com

Truncated domes ADA requirements biggest mystery know to mankind?

Let us direct you to the mystery of Truncated Domes and ADA Requirements. These folks allege that Bigfoot, the Loch Ness monster, and truncated dome ADA requirements are three of the biggest mysteries known to mankind. We are here to dispel the rumors and unlock the truth to these questions. Visit Shawn Osborne at www.armor-tile.com