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Green Valley Asphalt Paving Contractors

Green Valley Asphalt Paving Contractors

Asphalt Paving ContractorsAmong Green Valley asphalt paving contractors, American Asphalt offers a unique combination of professional experience, social consciousness, and environmental awareness.
The results of a recent survey by Pavement Maintenance and Construction, a respected trade group, validated the pride we take in our work. The survey named American Asphalt as a top national contractor in the categories of Paving, Pavement Repair, Sealcoating, and Striping.
Our company also actively gives back to the communities we serve. Recently we teamed with the Housing Industry Foundation to provide paving for low-income families.
Recycling of asphalt is part of our commitment to conserve resources. Through our Green Initiatives, we grind used asphalt for reuse as the base material on new paving projects. American Asphalt also keeps thousands of old tires out of landfills by repurposing the rubber for use in slurry seal mixes.

We’re Full Service Green Valley Asphalt Paving Contractors

Complete range of services to our commercial clients that include:

  • Slurry seal and sealcoating. Resurfacing asphalt is a cost-effective alternative to replacement. Slurry seal and sealcoating are the two methods we use to renew asphalt pavement that is damaged but still structurally sound. Slurry is thicker than sealcoat and best used on heavily traveled roadways. Sealcoat provides a “facelift” for less-trafficked areas such as parking lots.
  • Pothole repair and crack patching. Our crews aim to fix broken pavement before moisture can penetrate below the surface and cause extensive damage. Our repairs entail thorough cleaning, precision saw-cutting, and filling of potholes and cracks. We then seal the surface to ensure surface breakage doesn’t reoccur.
  • Surface replacement. When a deteriorated expanse of asphalt requires constant repairs, installing new asphalt saves money over the long term. American Asphalt crews work efficiently, finishing even large projects within a day or two. On the job, we’re also considerate of your employees, tenants, and customers, making sure we minimize inconvenience.

In addition to serving Green Valley, our company is also one of the Bay Area’s leading concrete contractors. American Asphalt installs and repairs concrete patios, driveways, sidewalks, curbs, and more. Our overall expertise makes us the ideal choice if your project involves both asphalt and concrete work.

The Residential Oasis of Green Valley

For some, Green Valley is another California suburb. For its residents, Green Valley is an oasis of beautiful homes, perfect weather, and proximity to vineyards and wineries.
Green Valley residents are a short drive  from Napa Valley wineries and attractions. The community of about 1,600 residents is also close to several beautiful parks, including Skyline Wilderness Park and its miles of hiking, biking, and horse riding trails.

Call Green Valley’s Asphalt Paving Contractors Today

On every project, American Asphalt’s goal is 100 percent client satisfaction. We base our outstanding customer service on two principles:

  • Communication is our priority. We assign a manager to each project we undertake to address your concerns. From the very start, the manager is always available to explain our methods or answer specific questions.
  • We stand firmly behind our work. A month after completion of a job, expect a follow-up visit from an American Asphalt representative to make sure you are satisfied with every aspect of our work. Our three-year warranty is your assurance that should any problems arise we’ll be on hand to fix it immediately.

For Green Valley asphalt paving contractors with experience, contact American Asphalt. Call 800-541-5559 today to schedule an estimate on your property.