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Slurry Seal

Slurry Seal Coating for Driveways, Pavements, Parking Lots and Roadways

Protects and Extends Life of Old and New Asphalt Surfaces 

slurry sealTo extend the life of your asphalt surfaces with the slurry seal coat, contact American Asphalt. This tried-and-tested sealer protects the undersurface of driveways, pavements, parking lots and roadways from oxidation, water seepage and weather, which are the main causes of surface wear and damage. Many of our Hayward area customers have benefited from the use of slurry seal, the high performance asphalt sealer.

Highlights of Our Asphalt Slurry Seal Application

  • Forms an additional layer: Made from closely-graded fine aggregate, emulsified asphalt and water (all carefully calibrated and mixed to form a mortar-like compound), it forms a long-wearing, rock hard surface over the original asphalt layer.
  • Easy application: It is designed to spread easily.
  • Long lasting: It lasts 8 to 10 years as compared to the 3 to 5 years expected of a regular seal coat.
  • Versatile: The top coat can be applied on a variety of new and existing asphalt surfaces including streets, parking areas, driveways and pavements.
  • Repairs damage: It fills all voids, cracks and eroded areas.
  • Improves safety and appearance: It creates an extremely durable, non-skid surface that works well and looks great.

Commercial and residential complexes, municipalities and school districts in the Hayward area rely on our slurry seal application to maintain safe and attractive asphalt surfaces.

Reduce Maintenance and Repair Costs with Slurry Seal

Safe for All Weather Conditions

American Asphalt uses the latest asphalt paving techniques like the slurry seal to help you reduce surface repair and maintenance costs. Our asphalt sealcoat not only offers added protection but looks better with age keeping your property clean and attractive. It is safe to use in all types of weather.
Take advantage of our driveway maintenance plans to help minimize expensive repairs and safety issues. When combined with asphalt slurry seal, we help reduce surface aging and make the most of your paved surfaces.
With American Asphalt, you are assured of quality materials, the right equipment and lasting performance from your paved surfaces. That is why we confidently offer our extended 3-year warranty on new driveways and sidewalk installation.
Customers across California, including those in Hayward, San Jose, Fremont, Mountain View, Santa Clara, Sunnyvale, Milpitas, Pleasanton, Livermore, San Leandro, Newark, Union City, Gilroy, Palo Alto, Marin County, San Mateo, Burlingame, and Walnut Creek areas count on us for quality solutions such as the asphalt slurry seal to extend surface life.
Call us today at 800-541-5559, request a quote or contact us directly to inquire about asphalt slurry seal.