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Giving Back With The Housing Industry Foundation (HIF)

The Folks We Work With Standing On The Stuff We Do

American Asphalt recently joined the board of HIF, helping people beat the housing crisis through small personal grants, donated housing and shelter improvements.
Last month, with the help of American Asphalt and a dozen other business and organizations, Unity Care in San Jose was able to renovate two foster youth homes. The work would have cost $63,000 on the open market, but thanks to contributions from American Asphalt and others, HIF spent only $12K cash and made up the rest with in-kind contributions and donations.
Another example is the First Christian Church in San Jose. When they wanted to convert part of their space into rooms for the homeless, HIF stepped in to help. The Foundation provided resources to refinish floors renovate the bathrooms and upgrade the community meeting room.
The project would have cost the church out of pocket $36,000. But HIF invested only $6,000 cash and combined this with numerous donations from business and board members.