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Freda Byrne 1957-2012

American Asphalt lost a good friend this summer when Freda Byrne passed away. Freda came to us by way of a free-lance marketing piece a dozen years ago. Quickly, she discovered we were not a normal ho-hum paving contractor, but rather a bunch of folks who worked while having fun. That’s when Freda began to push the funny envelope.

Soon we were rolling with laughter as American Asphalt perfected its new humorous look. Slogans became; “Mom is Right –An Ounce Of Sealer IS Worth A Pound Of Asphalt – Listen To Your Mother” or, our famous, “Our Work Stinks And We Love it.”

Freda enjoyed putting in sweat equity to make sure we stood out in the industry. Instinctively, she attracted other terrific creative collaborators. Pretty soon American Asphalt’s branding and image spilled onto the Internet with our notorious, ”FREE CRACK repair,” banner.

Freda was as much a part of American Asphalt as anyone else in the Company. She will be sorely missed, but her efforts will not go to waste. The work she has done for us, the branding that she helped create and the fun that she saw in us all, will be remembered long after someone reads one of our ads, shakes their heads and says, “…Are these guys for real?”

Allan Henderson, Jan Sutter