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News Story: Eulogy to Joe McSweeney — Allan Henderson

Fond Memories of Joe McSweeney

Joe at 49ers cropped

When I first met Joe a little over three years ago he was looking for a job as an estimator. At that initial meeting he practically sold me on the spot, and we hired him soon after. But his estimating skills were overshadowed by his persuasive skills which were overshadowed by his social skills, which were overshadowed by his talking skills… There must be a better position suited for him so we made one up…Business Development … or simply put B.S. for short.

Joe had quickly embraced what we were all about and wanted to spread the word. He was contagious. He was animated. He was excited! He was soon the face of American Asphalt. He took his job seriously and worked at it passionately. He could size up a crowd and would engage with a receptionist like she was the president of the company. Soon, we referred to him as “Mayor McSweeney.”
Outside of work he was even more lively and animated and let us all know he was to be referred to as “JoJo”, and would turn those people skills on to anyone that would listen. My family and friends soon became his family and friends, so contagious was his colorful character.

I am so glad I was able to know him these few short years and I thank his family for lending him to us. I was looking forward to a long and amusing time together.
At one of the events that he worked, two gals came up to me and said “we just met the owner of American Asphalt!”

“Oh, you did, did you?”

So I went over and found Joe and said “Now you’re the owner?”

And he said, “well,that’s how we roll!”

Yes, Joe,..that’s how you rolled….

Allan Henderson
March 21, 2013