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Concrete Sidewalks

Concrete Sidewalks – More Than Meets the Eye

Installing quality concrete sidewalks can be a complex undertaking.
As an experienced Bay Area paving contractor, American Asphalt builds concrete sidewalks for commercial clients that include corporate property owners, homeowner associations, and municipalities. For these clients, constructing sidewalks and curbs that meet their demand for quality requires much more than simply pouring cement mix into forms.

Concrete Sidewalks

High Standards for Concrete Sidewalks

To be certain that we complete every concrete sidewalk according to our high standards, American Asphalt takes these steps on each project:

  • Installation of expansion joints. Weather conditions cause concrete to expand and contract. Expansion joints, or the separations between sections of concrete, relieves the stress of movement and minimizes unsightly cracks that would inevitably occur without the joints.
  • Reinforcement for foot traffic. Sidewalks need to be reinforced to endure traffic from pedestrians and bicycles. American Asphalt uses either wire mesh or reinforced metal bars to strengthen concrete and resist cracking due to shifting ground.
  • Installation of corner cuts for ADA compliance and access for bikes and scooters. We conform to the Americans With Disabilities Act regulations on each project. We create corners with the proper widths and slopes, making sidewalks accessible for people in wheelchairs and riders of bicycles and scooters.
  • Sloping for water runoff. Proper drainage on a paved surface is essential. Standing water damages concrete, significantly reducing the life of the pavement. Pavement must be “crowned,” or sloped slightly toward the edges. Sloping for water runoff is barely noticeable on a well-designed sidewalk.
  • Widths designed for appearance or better traffic management. Before we build or replace a sidewalk, American Asphalt paving professionals determine the appropriate width for the location. Wider sidewalks may be desirable for heavily-trafficked sites, or to accommodate fashionable planters, seating, or other improvements.
We’re a Full-Service Bay Area Paving Contractor

American Asphalt is a full-service Bay Area paving contractor serving cities throughout the Bay Area, including Walnut Creek, Pleasanton, Vacaville, Fairfield, San Jose, and Santa Clara.
We handle the installation and replacement of concrete sidewalks, asphalt and concrete parking lots, patios, and driveways. We also make repairs to concrete and asphalt surfaces and perform sealcoating and slurry coating. Learn more about our services – call 800-541-5559 today.