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Asphalt Road Repairs are Making Roads Last Longer

Timely asphalt road repairs by skilled contractors are helping make roads last longer. The type and extent of damage determines the repair techniques that must be used to restore the structural integrity of the road. Our experienced team explains the most common types of asphalt road repairs to help you understand what is involved, so you can make the right decision when hiring an asphalt repair company.

  • Temporary patching: Typically done in winter or adverse weather conditions when an emergency patch is required, liquid asphalt is filled into a hole or crack in the road and then rolled over.
  • Spray injection method: Special truck-mounted equipment is used to first blow out water and debris from the crack or pothole in the road, prior to injecting aggregate and emulsion into them. No compaction is required since the injection is done at high-pressure. This asphalt patching technique may be done in adverse conditions and is often preferred to the temporary throw-and-roll method.
  • Semi-permanent asphalt patching: This longer-lasting asphalt repair technique also requires the surface to be properly prepared. We remove water and debris with a broom or air compressor and cut back the damaged area using a hand tool or power equipment. The prepared hole is then filled with the patching mix and compacted with a roller.
  • Full-depth asphalt repairs: This permanent repair method involves excavating the damaged area with a back hoe, jack hammer or a Bobcat (preferably to the depth of 4 inches or more and at least one foot into the surrounding area) to provider firmer support. At American Asphalt, we use a new, German-designed pavement profiler that grinds the asphalt for recycling purposes. In our experience, this is better than using a sawcat which leaves a smooth finish and can cause some slippage later. A tack coat is applied prior to the asphalt mix followed by a backfill for proper bonding.
  • Pothole repairs : Potholes are generally caused by the freeze-thaw cycle and/or poor underlying support.  The appropriate repair technique is usually determined by traffic levels, pothole size and how quickly the road needs to be used after the job is done. The throw-and-roll method is generally used in adverse or emergency situations though some contractors may employ the spray injection technique. However, semi-permanent patches are considered the best method of repair as they last longer.
  • Crack filling: Weather, age, heavy traffic and poor quality materials can cause cracks in your roads. We advise clients to fill and seal cracks as soon as possible to prevent water infiltration and deterioration of the sub-base which leads to more expensive repair. Our recommendation is to use slurry seal, a rubberized emulsion that contains aggregates (crushed rocks), as it is more resilient and durable than the traditional fog seal. To ensure proper adherence, we clean out any water and debris before using the asphalt emulsion.
  • Road resealing: Asphalt sealcoats provide a watertight seal and are designed to improve the appearance and lifespan of your roads, driveways and parking lots. Used on new and old roads, they protect your asphalt surface from weather, erosion and oxidation. They are also used to fill minor voids, improve the surface texture and provide a smooth, non-abrasive surface.

At American Asphalt, we ensure that the right road repair solution is expertly implemented. Traffic patterns, water exposure, drainage and surface aging are critical considerations when formulating plans for your asphalt road repairs. As a trusted local asphalt contractor for Caltrans, we use high quality materials, the latest equipment and trained crew to deliver lasting results.
Take advantage of our customized asphalt maintenance plans to reduce your maintenance efforts and cost.

American Asphalt helps customers maintain safe and attractive properties across the Bay Area. You can count on us for high quality, cost-effective asphalt road repairs to make your surfaces and maintenance budget last longer.

Contact us online for asphalt road repairs to make your roads last longer. Call us at 800-541-5559 to inquire about our paving services.