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American Asphalt Joins ‘Giving Back’ with The Housing Industry Foundation

Giving Back — American Asphalt Joins Forces with The Housing Industry Foundation

Business Development Manager Joe McSweeney and American Asphalt have joined forces with the Housing Industry Foundation, a ‘giving back’ group that helps individuals and families remain in or return to stable housing.
Joe will sit on the directors’ board that ensures 100% of the fundraising contributions go directly to support two programs; the emergency housing fund and renovation projects.
Over the years HIF has issued grants for direct housing assistance in excess of $4,122,111, preventing over 5,286 households from losing their home.
HIF also completes building renovations at no charge to non-profit housing shelters and transitional living facilities. It has invested over $2.4 million to repair and remodel non-profit housing shelters and transitional living facilities serving low-income and special needs populations.
Besides renovations, HIF believes that one modest grant can make a difference. So it offers emergency housing grants of up to $1000 to keep individuals and families in their homes.

Currenty Joe has scheduled American Asphalt to do a concrete renovation for a family in San Jose in October. When we do the job, we”ll let you see those before and after pictures.
Meanwhile, our friends and clients at the California Apartment Owners Association Tri-County (CAA) have collectively raised over $600,000 for HIF over the years, and more than $47, 000 this year alone.