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ADA Sidewalk Design and Construction

Are you concerned about meeting ADA accessibility requirements at your business? American Asphalt is well versed in the specifications of the Americans with Disabilities Act. Our experienced team can assist you in achieving ADA compliant sidewalk design and construction, integrating key features to create a space with smooth traffic flow that expertly accommodates all pedestrians.

Which Facilities Must Be ADA Compliant?

The ADA demands accessibility for disabled people, including individuals with ambulatory disabilities, those using wheelchairs and mobility devices, and people with visual impairment. It requires commercial, government, and public establishments to make accommodations for disabled people, penalizing those that fail to facilitate easier access from streets, sidewalks, and parking lots for disabled individuals per ADA rules. 

2010 ADA Compliance Standards

ADA design is quite exacting. This is because any combination of mildly difficult features can make a sidewalk hard to access for those with disabilities. To ensure maximum maneuverability for all pedestrians, American Asphalt integrates the following design features based on 2010 ADA standards:

  • Spacious sidewalks
    Our design experts know that spacious sidewalks at least 5 feet wide allow ample room for disabled individuals to navigate, including those who need assistance. They also permit traffic from the opposite direction to pass. For areas with space constraints, we recognize the need for permits allowing design exceptions. 
  • Curb ramps with gentle slopes
    The slopes of ADA ramps are more challenging to traverse than horizontal surfaces. They require more skill and energy to navigate, causing wheelchairs and walkers to become unstable or difficult to control, presenting a liability risk. Our strict adherence to ADA standards minimizes slopes, improving access and safety.
  • Landings
    Our spacious landings provide pedestrians a place to rest or make turning maneuvers. They also offer a safe, flat space to stop and access other features like push-button crosswalks and door openers.
  • Barrier curbs
    We know when barrier curbs and concrete barriers are necessary to protect pedestrians from area traffic, incorporating them in key areas near parking lots and roadways.
  • Surface texture and striping
    Our ADA compliant sidewalk, landing, and ramp additions are stable and slip-resistant, featuring vivid striping and markings and detectable warning surface indicators, allowing for easier identification of ADA pathways. 
Ensure Accessibility and Compliance with the Help of a Paving Expert

American Asphalt has been a trusted provider of ADA compliant sidewalk, ramp, and parking lot additions since the Americans with Disabilities Act passed in 1990. We have devised hundreds of ADA compliant designs, providing specialized solutions for unique settings. Our precisely formed, dimensional concrete additions ensure impeccable finished results well within tight ADA tolerances, leaving nothing to chance.

Avoid the costly removal and replacement of noncompliant structures. You can rest assured of a job done right with the ADA sidewalk design and construction services of American Asphalt.

Learn more about our unsurpassed three-year warranty, or contact us at 510-723-0280 to schedule a project estimate for your Bay Area, San Jose, Walnut Creek, San Francisco, Hayward, or East Bay business today.


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