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Sealcoating Services in Oakland

Sealcoating Services in Oakland

asphalt maintenance

Is your asphalt showing its age? Protect your pavement with routine sealcoating services in Oakland from American Asphalt. Sealcoating restores asphalt to a beautiful, smooth, dark surface. It is the most economical way to extend your pavement’s lifespan, costing just pennies to maintain compared to the high cost of asphalt replacement.

Benefits of Asphalt Sealcoating for Your Oakland Property

Sealcoating camouflages cracks and fine lines, filling minor voids to prevent damage from spreading. Our specialized emulsions safeguard asphalt surfaces, defending against environmental stressors like sunlight, air, salt, and roadway chemicals that can break down your Oakland business’ pavement. Sealcoating also offers protection against water seepage, preventing deep cracks from freeze/thaw cycles that can cause pavement deterioration and the need for early replacement.

The Perfect Prep for Refreshing Asphalt Striping

Our Oakland asphalt contractors recommend applying a new layer of sealcoat before refreshing roadway striping, ADA parking lot striping, or re-marking sports courts and play facilities. The dark hue of fresh sealcoating is the perfect backdrop, ensuring vivid striping that lasts.

American Asphalt Offers Sealcoating Mixtures for All Types of Surfaces

Our parking lot paving and maintenance professionals can create premium sealcoating mixtures for all types of asphalt surfaces, including parking lots, driveways, roadways, sports courts, and playgrounds. It is the ideal way to give your pavement a facelift without adding thickness or structural additions.

Restore your asphalt to its former luster, protecting it against daily abuse with sealcoating services in Oakland from American Asphalt. Contact us at 510-723-0280 to schedule sealcoating maintenance or sign up for an affordable asphalt maintenance plan today.

Oakland, CA – A Beautiful, Diverse Bay Area Community

Oakland is the eighth-largest city in California. Located in Alameda County, it offers prime views of the Bay and Pacific, stretching to include rolling, redwood-covered hills interspersed with hiking trails. Oakland’s inner harbor, downtown, is filled with dining, shops, and attractions, including the USS Potomac Museum. The city’s deep-water port fuels the economy, attracting businesses from a range of industries. Our Oakland paving company is proud to serve the region, providing trustworthy, cost-effective commercial paving services.