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School Parking Lot and Playground Paving

School Parking Lot and Playground Paving

School playground paving

Whether you’re managing a small elementary school or a massive high school or college campus, your paved areas must be in good shape for students, parents, and staff. Since 1984, American Asphalt has been a trusted provider of school parking lot and playground paving services to the Northern California area. Our in-house team of paving experts can manage all of your commercial paving needs. Whether you need a new asphalt addition or repairs and maintenance, we can help you achieve safe, well-performing, beautiful paved surfaces.

Ensure Safe Driveways and Parking Lots

Your school’s driveways and parking lots are essential to the daily function of your school. They undergo high stress, from severe weather to heavy traffic from busses and automobiles. We see requests for maintenance and modifications to these surfaces quite frequently. We can restore worn asphalt surfaces to their former luster, repairing cracks and sealcoating to perfection. We can also help you devise new pavement additions, updating parking lot striping to fit additional cars, or making necessary updates to manage increasing traffic volume and flow.

Provide Safe Passage

Safe pathways help students, parents, and staff travel between essential areas of your school. Our knowledgeable team can create durable, high-quality walkways using asphalt or concrete, properly sized and clearly marked for maximum function.

Create Lively Play Areas

Playgrounds with drainage are a smart investment in long-term performance and beauty, providing a safe, dry, obstacle-free play area. Our in-house playground construction crew has the expertise to manage the needs of any size play area. We have designed hundreds of playgrounds, from small grammar school grounds to large high school and college facilities with tennis courts, basketball courts, and paved patio and picnic areas. We can help you create and maintain virtually any type of recreational space.

Ensure Lasting Beauty and Performance

Our professional sealcoating services can more than double the life of your pavement, providing smooth, level, beautiful surfaces for students and staff to walk, roll, or drive on. Topped off with our professional ADA-compliant striping, you can efficiently direct everyone, including those with disabilities, safely where they need to go within your school grounds.

Want to bring an aging playground to life? Encourage children to engage in healthy physical activity with colorful hopscotch, foursquare, and other great games with the addition of crisp, bright striping atop your playground’s asphalt surfaces.

Carefully Timed Asphalt Services

We know how integral your parking lots, walkways, and play areas are to the daily function of your school, helping you time asphalt installation and maintenance services during school breaks for your convenience. We can complete school parking lot and playground paving services quickly, without sacrificing quality, so you can ensure your grounds are operational when classes return.

Keep your school safe and beautiful with school parking lot and playground paving from American Asphalt. Contact us at 510-723-0280 for a quote on parking lot and playground repair or new asphalt installation today.