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San Jose Concrete Company

The Experienced San Jose Concrete Company

American Asphalt is known for quality asphalt services, but we’re also a successful San Jose concrete company with a long list of satisfied Bay Area clients.
San Jose businesses with well-kept sidewalks, entryways, curbing, and patios communicate that the safety and comfort of our customers are important. American Asphalt can help you make a positive impression. We’re proud to provide a variety of quality concrete services that help businesses thrive and maximize property values.

Our Concrete Services Include Installation, Repairs

As a concrete contractor in San Jose, American Asphalt has a 30-year reputation of providing quality professional services for our clients, including:

  • Pavement repair. Damage to a concrete slab that is limited to a small area can often be fixed by cutting away the broken section and pouring new concrete. We repair sidewalks that have been damaged by tree roots this way. Cracks, holes, or spalling, which is surface flaking due to water, can be repaired with special polymers that bond to existing concrete. Fixing damaged concrete is essential to eliminate trip hazards and halt the continued deterioration of the slab.
  • Discolored, cracked or weather-worn concrete surfaces are not necessarily in need of replacement. We can renew them with skillful resurfacing. We apply special overlays to give any concrete surface the appearance of tile, stone, or almost any pattern, in virtually any color you wish. If the pavement is fundamentally sound, concrete resurfacing is a popular and affordable alternative to replacement.
  • When a deteriorated concrete surface needs replacement, our crews handle every detail, starting with removing and disposing of the old pavement. Building forms, pouring and reinforcing the new pavement and final cleanup are all done with as little disruption to business as possible and an eye toward public safety.

Some Facts about the City of San Jose

San Jose’s growth has largely mirrored the growth of Silicon Valley, where you’ll find many of the world’s leading high-tech companies. The first city officially founded by the Spanish in California, San Jose’s metro area today has nearly 2 million residents.
A few facts about San Jose, home to many of American Asphalt’s favorite customers:

  • A San Jose State cheerleader reportedly invented the “wave,” the crowd participation phenomenon popular in football and baseball stadiums across the county, in the 1980s.
  • Fueled by high tech, San Jose has the highest median annual household income in the U.S. – nearly $80,000.
  • The world’s largest Monopoly board is located in Discovery Meadow Park, off West San Carlos St. and near Guadalupe River Trail. The 930-square-foot board is the city’s only attraction certified by the Guinness Book of World Records.

For Professional Concrete Services, Call Us Today

To ensure every aspect of a project is handled correctly, American Asphalt does not use sub-contractors. All our employees work directly for us and we train them to repair and install concrete and asphalt surfaces to our exacting standards.
American Asphalt’s clients include government entities such as municipalities, developers of residential areas and commercial spaces, HOAs, and retail shopping centers.
Every concrete service American Asphalt provides we can perform in conjunction with any asphalt service we offer. For example, if your project requires concrete sidewalks along with gutters and an asphalt road surface, American Asphalt is the ideal San Jose concrete company for the job. Call 800-541-5559 today to schedule a consultation.