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Parking Lot Striping Contractor

Working with a Striping Contractor in San Jose

Parking Lot StripingParking lot striping serves a couple of purposes: aesthetics and safety. Choosing a qualified parking lot striping contractor is important for your San Jose property because it ensures an effective layout that includes arrows for directional flow, clearly marked fire lanes and ADA-compliant handicap parking spaces.
Let’s learn more about the importance of parking lot striping and a few things you should consider when hiring a striping contractor for your San Jose business.

The Basics of Pavement Marking

The purpose of parking lot marking is to organize traffic flow and direct vehicles where to park. Imagine pulling into the parking lot of your favorite store and seeing a large open space with no markings. Would you know where to park? How would you know where to drive? A parking lot without visible striping would inevitably lead to safety problems and accidents.
When your hire America Asphalt as your parking lot striping contractor, you can trust that we know how to design a safe and effective layout. Some of the main elements we can include are:

  • Straight or angled parking
  • Handicap stalls
  • Fire lanes
  • Crosswalks
  • Loading zones
  • Entrances and exits
  • Directional indicators
  • No parking zones

Pavement Striping Considerations

American Asphalt can either re-stripe or lay new markings on your parking lot. We are happy to use your blueprints or design our own. We specialize in ADA-compliant striping for enhanced visibility and safety.
The first consideration is to maximize space. With the proper layout and striping, we can fit more cars into your parking lot while also accommodating disabled persons, customers, employees and visitors. It’s worth noting that the ADA requires all businesses to have the proper number of handicapped-accessible stalls. Your operating permit won’t be issued without them.
Another factor is the type of parking stalls. A straight-in design is easier to paint, maximizes space and allows for two-way traffic. However, you may prefer angled stalls because they are easier for cars to pull in and pull out and they support one-way traffic flow.

Why Choose American Asphalt for Parking Lot Striping

American Asphalt provides striping of HOA properties, roads, bike paths, playgrounds, retail stores and more. We use the latest equipment and paint materials that are vibrant, durable and safe for the environment. We will meet all ADA handicap marking requirements during your project, so the only thing you need to be concerned with is scheduling the work!
For a quote on hiring a parking lot striping contractor for your San Jose property, fill out our contact form or call us at 909-427-8276.