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Parking Lot Replacement

Parking Lot Replacement That Considers Your Needs

Parking Lot ReplacementA complete parking lot replacement is a big job that requires a knowledgeable contractor. American Asphalt crews repave your lot quickly and professionally, with little disruption to your business or tenants.
Our company follows a proven, step-by-step process for every project, large or small:

  • An estimator’s initial visit determines the amount and type of work we will complete, along with the project cost. We make sure to involve our clients from the start and keep them fully informed.
  • We conduct a site evaluation. At this point, an American Asphalt inspector checks the lot’s general condition. We take into account the requirements of your business while considering factors such as traffic usage and patterns, drainage, and previous repairs.
  • We provide you with a detailed proposal, which enables you to follow the project stage by stage. Safety is important to us; we designate work areas with barricade tape, cones, and signs.
  • After we replace your parking lot, a project manager makes a return visit 30 days later. We want to make sure you are 100 percent satisfied with your new parking lot.

Our three-year warranty also assures you are satisfied. We address any issue related to our work up to three years later.

We Offer Related Parking Lot Replacement Services

Parking lot replacements often include ancillary services such as:

  • Curb and walkway construction. Replacing a parking lot often means adjacent pavement needs attention, too. We repair or replace curbs and walkways to eliminate trip hazards and improve the overall appearance of your property.
  • Painting the lot is required for ADA compliance and ensures correct vehicle and foot traffic flow. We stripe and stencil parking spaces, fire lanes, loading and no-loading zones, stops, and crosswalks.
  • Standing moisture damages pavement. Proper runoff of rain and irrigation water is essential for the long life of your parking lot. When necessary, American Asphalt rebuilds drains and catch basins, and even re-engineers drainage systems.

We Also Handle Parking Lot Restorations

In some cases, an American Asphalt estimator may recommend restoring, rather than replacing, a lot that has minimal deterioration but still requires repairs.
Restoration is a cost-effective way of improving the appearance and functionality of your parking lot. Slurry seal resurfacing is durable and skid-resistant. It protects asphalt surfaces from the effects of water and the sun and extends the life of the pavement by years.

Call Us Today for Parking Lot Replacement Information

American Asphalt provides asphalt and concrete paving services for commercial clients such as HOAs, shopping centers, all types of private businesses and public entities such as Caltrans.
Our customer service area includes the Bay Area cities of Hayward, San Jose, Fremont, Mountain View, Santa Clara, Sunnyvale, Milpitas, Vallejo, Fairfield, Vacaville, Green Valley, and Cordelia.
To learn more about American Asphalt’s parking lot replacement services, call 800-541-5559 or click here.