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Oakland Asphalt Paving Contractor

Oakland Asphalt Paving Contractor

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Don’t let cracks and potholes put an end to your pavement. Keep your commercial roadways, driveways, and parking facilities safe and attractive with the 5-star paving services of American Asphalt. Our Oakland asphalt paving contractors provide fast, affordable, lasting asphalt repairs, helping you avoid costly repaving and pavement replacement.

Reduce Asphalt Repaving and Resurfacing Costs with Routine Maintenance

With long-term neglect, asphalt removal and replacement may be necessary when simple repairs and sealing would have sufficed. Asphalt repairs become more costly as cracks and potholes grow deeper, allowing water to penetrate pavement sub-layers. Fortunately, our commercial paving company has the skills to restore your deteriorating pavement before it’s too late.

Lengthen Your Pavement’s Lifespan with Our Commercial Paving Services

Our Oakland paving team can keep your shopping center, restaurant, residential community, park, business center, or industrial complex looking its best, providing:

Asphalt repair and replacement

Restore your blacktop’s sleek, smooth look with our crack sealing and repair, asphalt resurfacing, or asphalt removal and replacement services.

Sealcoating and slurry surfacing in Oakland

Protect your Oakland pavement against water, weather, chemicals, and traffic, significantly expanding its lifespan, with regular asphalt sealing and slurry surfacing.

ADA compliant striping

Improve parking and traffic flow and ensure maximum visibility with our crisp, clear ADA compliant striping.

New asphalt and concrete additions

Expand your parking lot or refresh your existing design with curbing, drainage, and walkways.

Our Oakland Paving Contractors Deliver Beautifully Finished, Lasting Paving Results

Our skilled paving professionals perform all the work, never delegating to subcontractors. We know good paving is more than superficial – it begins from the ground up. Our trained, experienced crew delivers the highest quality paving services in the industry. We’re known for our customer service and attention to detail, completing every job on time with minimal disruption.

Manage your asphalt repair and repaving needs quickly and affordably with help from American Asphalt. Schedule a pavement assessment with a local Oakland asphalt paving contractor. Contact American Asphalt at 510-723-0280 to get a quote on asphalt repair and repaving services today.

Oakland, CA

Beautiful, diverse, and energetic, Oakland lures visitors, residents, and businesses with its sparkling ocean views and scenic redwood-covered hills. It offers a variety of shopping, dining, and entertainment options, including the USS Potomac Museum in the city’s deep-water, inner harbor port. American Asphalt is proud to serve this Alameda County city, providing top-notch, competitively priced commercial paving services since 1985.