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Large Driveway Paving Contractor

Large Driveway Paving Contractor

Long Residential Driveway PavingAre you looking for durable, attractive paving solutions for your property? American Asphalt is a large driveway contractor providing premium paving services for projects in San Jose, Hayward, Pleasanton, Walnut Creek and Santa Clara. Our clients include estates, hill properties, campuses and HOAs.
The condition of your driveway should set the tone for the condition of your property. What does your current driveway say about your estate, commercial building, campus or HOA? If it’s not sending the right message, it’s probably time for a pavement evaluation.

Why Pavement Services are Necessary

Your driveway is one of the first things that visitors see when they drive up to your campus, commercial property or estate. People judge properties based on their first impressions. When you notice your driveway showing signs of aging, such as cracks, potholes and drainage issues, it’s best to call a contractor who can service large driveways, parking lots and more.
Paving a large driveway can be quite different from paving a small driveway, requiring more time and materials and, depending on the project, strategies to lessen the impacts to your business. American Asphalt is experienced in working on large projects – we assign an on-site supervisor to ensure the work proceeds with little to no interruption of your day to day business.
We always use top-of-the-line equipment and efficient work techniques to get the work done quickly and to a high standard. When the paving is complete, you can expect your property to look significantly different.

Large Asphalt Driveways are Inviting and Attractive

Whether you live on a rural estate with a long, winding driveway, or you are looking to improve the aesthetics of your campus buildings, asphalt is an excellent choice. New asphalt paving will:

  • Improve curb appeal
  • Increase property value
  • Enhance safety, and
  • Entice visitors to your property

Asphalt pavement is economical, strong and durable. Even though our winters are mild, it can still be wet and cloudy. It’s reassuring to know that asphalt will not freeze and is able to flex. After proper installation, light maintenance is all that’s required.
American Asphalt provides paving services in San Jose, Hayward, Pleasanton, Walnut Creek and Santa Clara for large projects, and we are happy to include concrete curbing, walkways, ADA marking and more.
We can handle virtually any paving project and will turn it into the masterpiece you are dreaming of. Call American Asphalt today at 909-427-8276 to speak with one of our large driveway contractors.