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Hayward Concrete Company

The Professional Concrete Company for Hayward Businesses

hayward concrete companyAt American Asphalt, we like to think of ourselves as Hayward’s concrete company.
Over the years, we’ve installed and repaired concrete surfaces for many Hayward clients, including retail and commercial properties, residential developments, and public facilities. American Asphalt has helped the city progress from a food production hub into a high-tech Silicon Valley community.
Our policy of post-project inspections is one reason we’ve maintained a loyal client base in Hayward. On all new concrete installations, an American Asphalt inspector returns 30 days later to evaluate our work and make certain clients are absolutely satisfied with the job.

Our Services Include Crack Filling, Concrete Replacement, and New Construction

As a Hayward concrete company, American Asphalt provides quality services that include:

  • Crack filling. Cracks in concrete allow moisture to seep into the sub-surface, rusting reinforcement metal and weakening the pavement. Some cracks are harmless. Other cracks may signal the beginning of deterioration. We identify which cracks need filling, and then skillfully insert polymers that maintain the strength of the pavement to prevent further damage.
  • Special projects. We have the experience to handle jobs that require a high degree of skill. Projects such as residential and commercial sidewalks, retaining walls, curbs, gutters, patios, and transition aprons are often more complex than a flat lot. Paying close attention to detail, American Asphalt crews complete special concrete projects on time and within your pre-determined budget.
  • Replacement or new construction. In some cases, aging pavement cannot be repaired or resurfaced and concrete replacement is necessary. Our crews demolish and remove the old concrete safely. We mark work areas with brightly colored tape and signs to control traffic and provide a “buffer” between American Asphalt crews and the public. We install your new pavement as efficiently as possible to minimize inconveniences to your business. We expertly excavate, construct forms, pour and reinforce the cement mixture, then perform finishing touches and cleanup.
  • Complete maintenance plans. Periodic inspections and repairs keep your playground, parking lot, driveway or roadway in top shape, season after season. American Asphalt offers extended service contracts and three-year warranties on every project we complete. Routine maintenance prolongs the life of your concrete pavement and saves your business money in the long run. You can be confident your paved surface will be safe and look great for years to come.

Hayward is a Festive Place

Hayward’s economy once relied on food production. The Hunt Brothers cannery, which processed many types of produce including tomatoes, was a major employer.
Today, Hayward’s economy is diverse. The city is home to Gillig Corporation, which designs and makes buses, and Impax Laboratories, which develops and markets pharmaceuticals. High-tech companies are important employers, as well – Hayward is located in Silicon Valley, after all.
Hayward residents also love their festivals. The Hayward Russell City Blues Festival celebrates the area’s history as a hotbed of blues music. Another festival extols the humble zucchini, and the Passeio Do Vinho is all about wine and the area’s Portuguese roots.

Contact American Asphalt, a Full-Service Hayward Concrete Contractor

American Asphalt is the concrete company Hayward businesses rely on for quality concrete installation, repair and resurfacing. Call 800-541-5559 today to discuss your project with one of our representatives.