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Golf Course Paving Services in the Bay Area

Golf Course Paving Services in the Bay Area

golf course paving

Are your clients navigating more potholes in their carts than course hazards along the fairway? Don’t let worn paths and walkways make your course look shabby. Beautifully maintained pavement highlights the unique features of your grounds, enhancing the characteristic charm of the golfing experience. Ensure your parking lot, walkways, and cart paths are as attractive as your greens with golf course paving services in the Bay Area.

Pave the Way with Smooth, Clear Golf Cart Paths

If your golfers have to continually dodge ruts, potholes, and crumbling cart path edges, they’re less likely to remain on pathways. Smooth, clean, sharp cart paths with clear directional markings entice drivers to stay on the pavement and off the greenery.

Likewise, parking lots and walkways with proper curbing and directional striping keep carts contained, protecting pedestrians and your landscaping. Thoughtfully designed and constructed, these features reduce wear-and-tear to your carts and keep traffic off of your tender grass, reducing grounds maintenance.  

Stay On Course with Proper Site Prep

We have the specialty equipment to construct or resurface the unique footprint of 5 to 9-foot cart paths on your grounds. Our crew has the skills to manage paving even in the most challenging terrain, negotiating hills and water features with ease. We can also color your cart paths to blend perfectly into the surrounding landscaping, enhancing the ambiance of your course.

Avoid Unnecessary Water Hazards with Proper Drainage

Our strategically placed curbing, gutter, and drainage additions help you safeguard your golfers, minimize mud related course maintenance, and prevent premature wear to pathways.

Enhance and Preserve Your Paths with Regular Sealcoating

Keep your paths looking pristine and protect them against frequent traffic and weather with regular sealcoating services. A rich, lustrous golf cart path is the perfect complement to beautifully manicured grounds.

Preserve the Golfing Experience

If your parking lot or pathways need attention, but you have been procrastinating due to the challenges of remaining open during paving services, do not worry. We understand the needs of your business and your golfing clientele. Our respectful in-house crew will remain vigilant of golfers and your grounds during the paving process. We will take care to not disrupt the golfing experience and environment working with you to minimize interruptions and ensure an enjoyable customer experience until project completion.

Are you in need of golf course paving services in the Bay Area? Ensure your Alameda, Vacaville, Fairfield, Modesto, or Tracy parking areas and pathways remain as pristine as your greens. Contact American Asphalt at 800-541-5559 and schedule a pavement consultation today.