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Driveway Maintenance in Hayward

Industry Leading Driveway Maintenance in Hayward

Driveway Maintenance

Is your Hayward business or public access asphalt driveway creating a great first impression? Or is it showing its age due to a lack of proper maintenance?

Keep Your Hayward Business Beautiful with the Help of American Asphalt

Ranked as a top service provider in Pavement Maintenance & Reconstruction magazine’s annual nationwide survey results, American Asphalt is an industry leader. From commercial properties to shopping centers, residential communities, and special projects, we offer a wide array of asphalt repair and maintenance services to Hayward area businesses, including:

  • Commercial driveway maintenance.
    Is your driveway crumbling under the pressure of large trucks, buses, and heavy traffic? American Asphalt professionals can assess your driveway’s capacity to stand up to such abuse, adjusting asphalt structure and composition accordingly.
  • Crack and pothole repair.
    Help your business make a winning first impression on customers. Address unsightly cracks and holes, preventing small problems from becoming large ones with timely driveway repairs.
  • Drainage, settling, and wear mitigation.
    Oxidation from the sun can quickly lead to cracking and the deterioration of sub-base pavement by water and contaminants. Extend the life of your driveway and avoid costly repairs by addressing these issues early with our comprehensive cleaning and crack filling services.
  • Slurry seal surfacing and sealcoating.
    After addressing larger cracks and structural issues, protect your driveway from oxidation, weather, and erosion, safeguarding its lifespan with slurry sealing and sealcoating.
  • Driveway markings.
    The precise marking of driveways and parking areas, including ADA compliant striping, increases visibility and safety.
  • Residential neighborhood and public works driveway additions.
    From new residential developments to public works such as playgrounds, parks, and sports facilities, our superior paving solutions are backed by a 3-year warranty, giving your project a competitive advantage.

Minimize disruption and optimize traffic flow at your Hayward commercial property with professional asphalt driveway maintenance. Learn more about our maintenance plans and what makes American Asphalt a favored area service provider. Contact us at 800-541-5559 and schedule a complimentary consultation today.