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Concrete Sidewalk Maintenance

Custom Concrete Sidewalk Maintenance Plans

Avoid Major Repair Work, Early Replacement and Safety Liabilities 

Concrete3Rely on detailed concrete sidewalk maintenance from American Asphalt to maintain the safety and value of your commercial property. Our services are customized to your site’s unique requirements helping you enhance the performance and lifespan of your paved surfaces. Critical aspects such as traffic patterns, water exposure, drainage, and surface aging are considered while formulating our service plans for concrete sidewalk maintenance.
Typically, property owners are responsible for sidewalks that are part of their property. With effective maintenance tasks carried out at regular intervals, we help our clients reduce sidewalk upkeep requirements and minimize safety liabilities. From spot replacement of deteriorated sections to crack filling, curb raising and restoration of special finishes, we cover a range of paving needs.
As trusted concrete company contractors, our experienced team uses top quality materials and the right equipment to keep your property attractive and safe. Every project receives the same personalized attention.

Our Concrete Sidewalk Maintenance Services Include:

  • Joint and crack filling to prevent water penetration
  • Concrete restoration of damaged sections
  • Sidewalk repair to reduce further deterioration
  • Pavement raising for better drainage
  • Curb repair to minimize recurring issues
  • Asphalt overlays to repair concrete pavements

Public works, commercial and retail centers, government institutions, schools and residential communities rely on our full-service local paving company for all types of asphalt and concrete repair work as well as construction of new pavements, driveways, parking lots, and patios. To maintain quality, every aspect of your project is handled in-house.
We also offer ADA-compliant striping and signage erection to ensure the safety of your employees, clients and visitors.

Cost-Effective Concrete Sidewalk Maintenance by a Trusted Paving Company

Ensuring it is Done Right the First Time

We take pride in the surfaces we install and maintain. Our team works efficiently and safely, minimizing any disruption to your business schedule. Meticulous attention to detail ensures the right application is provided and the job is done correctly the first time.
We are one of the only commercial pavement companies to do a follow up 30 days after project completion and provide an extended 3-year warranty on new installations.
Customers across Hayward, Walnut Creek, Solano County and San Jose, CA count on us for cost-effective concrete sidewalk maintenance.
Contact our professional team online for concrete sidewalk maintenance services  or call us at 800-541-5559.