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Concrete Sidewalk Installation in San Jose and Santa Clara

Concrete Sidewalk Installation in San Jose and Santa Clara

Pleasanton Concrete Company

Are you overlooking how the sidewalks in your community affect residents? Commercial complexes, condominiums, and HOAs often turn to crushed granite and other loose materials as a fast and inexpensive solution for sidewalks. However, these materials can be tough to navigate and messy, littering carpets and scratching floors. Concrete sidewalk installation at your San Jose or Santa Clara property provides a durable, stable, low-maintenance walking surface.

Ensure Safe Passage with Concrete Sidewalk Additions

American Asphalt has the expertise to repair and replace existing, worn sidewalks with smooth, new concrete. We can also widen paved shoulders, or add walkways separate from the roadway, skillfully integrating new sidewalks into a range of settings:

  • Retail properties
    Roadways without sidewalks are twice as likely to experience pedestrian-involved crashes. Create a safer, more inviting retail environment, increasing access for public transit patron and improving traffic flow with the help of our experienced design and installation team.
  • Commercial complexes
    Keep workers and visitors safe from passing forklifts, delivery vehicles, and tractor-trailers in the busy commercial environment with our skillfully integrated walkway and curbing additions. 
  • Apartments and Condominiums
    Showcase your investment in residents’ safety with smoothly paved concrete sidewalk additions along roadways and to essential community amenities, making the trip to pet walk, laundry, and recreational areas safer and more comfortable.
  • HOAs
    Impart a feeling of permanence to your newly established neighborhood, adding a distinguished, finished look with the help of American Asphalt. Give residents a place to safely interact and connect with others while walking pets, enjoying a stroll with the family, or exercising.
  • When updating or replacing roads or parking lots
    Updating your concrete sidewalks when other work is occurring on roads or parking lots is a great practice. The useful life of parking lot asphalt is usually shorter than concrete, but regular treatments, coatings, and repairs can extend its life. When it is time to rebuild or provide extensive repairs to asphalt roads and lots, it is also a great time to update your sidewalks to latest curb designs, provide handicapped access, replace cracked and broken walkways, and give the area a new look. 

Concrete Sidewalks Offer Many Benefits Over Gravel

  • Strength and longevity
    When planned and professionally installed with a proper base by our in-house team, concrete sidewalks offer a strong, durable walkway surface. Concrete sidewalk additions by American Asphalt stand up to frequent traffic, lasting 25 to 50 years or more.
  • Safety
    Integrating gravel sidewalks into your community in a way that is ADA compliant can be quite challenging. Because of the unstable, uneven surface of loose materials, gravel sidewalks can be challenging for small children, the elderly, and the disabled to navigate. Our concrete paths, however, retain a consistent surface over time and through a range of weather conditions, providing a stable walking surface that prevents slips and trips, allowing for ease of travel.
  • Low maintenance
    Unlike gravel, which frequently washes away, requiring leveling or replacement, concrete sidewalks are low maintenance. Our concrete sidewalk additions remain static through heavy rain and strong storms, requiring only routine debris removal and possibly occasional concrete seal coating depending on the application and location.
  • Value
    Though gravel may seem more affordable initially, the cost of the frequent maintenance and replacement necessary to maintain eroded gravel sidewalks quickly adds up. The long lifespan of concrete sidewalks provides a better return on investment, outlasting gravel, pavers, brick, and other stone surfaces.

Ensure safe, lasting concrete sidewalk installation in San Jose and Santa Clara. Contact American Asphalt at 800-541-5559 and get an estimate on new sidewalk additions today.