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Concrete Services in San Leandro

The Preferred Contractor for Concrete Services in San Leandro

concrete services

Sidewalks, walkways, and curbing looking a little rough around the edges? It may be time to address your concrete maintenance needs. The condition of the pathways and curbs on your property directly impact your business. They can impart a lasting first impression, or leave customers annoyed or injured due to poorly laid, cracked, or damaged segments that cause tripping. Properly designed and installed, these fixtures should add value to your business, keeping customers and staff safe, improving appearance, and upholding the condition and value of your commercial property. 

Does Your Business Need Concrete Repair or Additions?

Residents and visitors of San Leandro have come to expect beautiful, well-maintained roadways, parking lots, and pathways in this prominent community, which is home to leading business firms such as Ghirardelli, Wells Fargo, and OSIsoft and Trinet.

Your sidewalks and walkways should allow staff and customers to enter and leave your building with ease, enhancing its function and safeguarding its value. Curbing and gutters should facilitate proper drainage, serving as a buffer to protect your building, your lawn and landscaping, and sprinkler system from damage. Because we understand that addressing these issues sooner rather than later will not only improve the appearance of your property and guard against potential safety issues, but significantly extend the life of your pavement, we offer the following services:

  • Comprehensive Concrete Repairs
    Sidewalk code violation or potentially dangerous walkway scenario? Our team can help you quickly and properly address any wear issues, replacing cracked and broken areas and promptly returning your sidewalks to code with our comprehensive concrete repair services.
  • Assessment and Correction of Settling and Drainage Issues
    Our expert assessment ensures your business can quickly address settling and drainage issues before they lead to expensive repairs or identify areas where a curb or gutter addition could solve drainage troubles.
  • Installation of ADA Compliant Ramps and Markings
    Our ADA compliant ramps and precise striping ensure a safe, clear path for all patrons.

Extensive In-House Concrete Services

Always handled in-house by our experienced team to ensure the superior results you expect, we never delegate tasks to subcontractors.  We excavate, install, repair, and replace walkways, sidewalks, gutters, curbing, driveways, parking lots, and more, managing every aspect of your concrete needs.

Are your concrete structures getting the job done? Ensure a winning customer experience with concrete additions that perform well and beautifully represent your business. Contact American Asphalt at 800-541-5559 and learn more about our concrete services in San Leandro today.