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Concrete Pathway Installation

Quality Concrete Pathway Installation for San Jose, Santa Clara Clients

concrete pathwayAmerican Asphalt recommends concrete pathway installation for San Jose and Santa Clara clients who are looking for affordable, long-lasting surfaces that are virtually maintenance-free.
Budget-minded businesses often look for alternatives to concrete to save money. Decomposed granite and gravel are popular, but are they the best choice for you?
Let’s compare the pros and cons of concrete pathway installation versus other choices.
A gravel path is inexpensive to install. Unless your pathway is lightly traveled, gravel can be a nightmare to maintain. It requires constant raking to keep the path uniform. Weeds may pop through the surface. Eventually, footsteps push the rocks into the ground. The path then needs more gravel at an additional cost. For businesses looking to reduce maintenance time and expenses, gravel is a poor choice.
Decomposed granite 
Decomposed granite, called DG in the trade, is a gravel and sand mixture that is easily compacted. Playgrounds and public parks often have DG, which are natural surfaces. In major league baseball stadiums, field perimeters are DG surfaces.
There are many ways to use decomposed granite. As both residential and commercial property owners move toward landscapes that use less water, decomposed granite often replaces lawns in xeriscape applications.
A decomposed granite walkway is complicated to install. Workers first must lay down a weed barrier, then gravel for proper drainage.  Installers then must compact the DG surface, which requires re-compaction every so often to keep the pathway looking good.
Because it is loose material, decomposed granite can be messy, especially when it rains. Walking on DG pathways leaves dust or mud on clothing, shoes, or animal paws, which can result in dirty or scratched floors when the path leads into your business.
For a cost-effective, durable surface that needs little maintenance, the best choice for San Jose and Santa Clara HOAs, corporate campuses, retail shopping centers, and other commercial locations is concrete pathways.
Professional concrete installation involves prepping the substrate, setting up forms, pouring the cement mixture, and waiting for it to cure. Experts at American Asphalt can install concrete pathways in a day. They are ready for traffic the next day.
Concrete is versatile. Skilled concrete specialists can customize your pathways to resemble a variety of surfaces, such as brick, cobblestone, or slate. With the proper expertise, stamping can make concrete look practically identical to an actual stone surface, at a fraction of the cost.
Many clients who choose a concrete walkway further customize its look by adding the color of their choice to the cement mixture.
A concrete pathway lasts for decades. Maintenance for concrete is simply an occasional sweeping.

Pick American Asphalt for Quality Concrete Pathway Installation

American Asphalt is a leading Bay Area paving contractor. Over the past three decades, we’ve installed all types of concrete and asphalt surfaces for our commercial clients, including parking lots, paths, patios, driveways, and sidewalks.
You’ll find our customer service begins the day we arrive to provide an estimate, then continues with routine maintenance that keeps your pavement looking great, year after year.
Let American Asphalt add to the value of your property in San Jose and Santa Clara with concrete pathway installation, completed to the highest standards. Call 800-541-5559 today to arrange for an estimate on your property.