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Complete Concrete Services in Santa Clara

In Need of Complete Concrete Services in Santa Clara?

concrete services

Your concrete takes a great deal of abuse, from weather to wear-and-tear from pedestrians and automobiles. Over time, this can impact the image your business presents to the public. Before your commercial concrete becomes damaged beyond repair, posing a potential safety hazard for customers, restore its once pristine appearance with the help of American Asphalt’s industry-leading complete concrete services in Santa Clara.

Santa Clara’s Top-Rated Concrete Services Provider

American Asphalt has been an industry leader in concrete services for over 30 years, serving the Santa Clara area and helping to maintain the picturesque beauty of the region’s bustling shopping centers, thriving businesses, and beautiful tree-lined neighborhoods. In this forward-thinking atmosphere, where tech-giants like Intel reside nearby prestigious institutions like Santa Clara University, residents and visitors have come to expect exemplary attention to commercial property maintenance.

Improve the Look of Your Business with Fast, Lasting Concrete Repairs

American Asphalt offers provides concrete additions and repairs alone or in conjunction with your asphalt maintenance project. Using the latest equipment, our in-house team can handle every aspect of your paving needs, including:

  • Concrete repair:
    Our crew can repair or replace unsightly cracked, broken, and settled areas of concrete, providing lasting repairs and helping you avoid costly replacement.
  • Excavation:
    Our thorough knowledge of concrete design and installation can help you avoid the common pitfalls that can affect the proper function of concrete additions, such as safety issues and drainage issues that can shorten your concrete’s lifespan.
  • Walkway and curbing additions:
    With the help of our skilled crew, improve your current design to mitigate drainage issues with curbing and gutters, or incorporate walkways, curbing, and dividers for pedestrian and traffic safety.
  • Large patios and sports courts:
    Looking to add a new amenity to your business or community? We can help you carefully locate and construct large concrete pads, such as large patios for dining and recreation, basketball, and tennis facilities.
  • Finishing work.
    From markings to ensure proper traffic flow to ADA-compliant striping and ramps, American Asphalt has you covered.

Add value and improve the condition of the concrete sidewalks, curbing and more on your commercial property. Ensure a winning first impression with complete concrete services in Santa Clara. ContactAmerican Asphalt at 800-541-5559 and schedule your free on-site inspection and concrete maintenance quote today.