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Commercial Paving Contractors in Alameda

Commercial Paving Contractors in Alameda

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Do your commercial roadways, driveways, and parking facilities reflect the vintage, small town charm of Alameda, or are they just plain old? Repeated abuse from weather, cars, and pedestrians can reduce your paved surfaces to rubble without routine care. If your cracked and pitted pavement looks like it’s been around since the paleo era, bring it up to date with help from the best commercial paving contractors in Alameda. The American Asphalt team is ready to rake, oil, and roll your aging lot into the 21st century.

Refresh Your Timeworn Alameda Pavement with Our Commercial Paving Services

Our commercial paving company is an leader in the asphalt maintenance industry. We work with a wide range of clients. Whether you own a commercial or industrial complex, shopping center, restaurant, residential community, or Alameda city park, we have the expertise and equipment to manage your needs, providing:

  • New asphalt and concrete additions
    Start from scratch, expanding your Alameda parking lot, or refresh your existing design with added walkways and curbing.
  • Repair and replacement
    If your asphalt is too spent to salvage, we can remove and replace it, reinventing the look of your grounds.
  • Sealcoating and slurry surfacing
    Our slurry surfacing and sealcoating services protect your pavement against its biggest enemies, sunlight and water, dramatically extending the lifespan of your asphalt investment.
  • ADA compliant striping
    Maximize parking and protect yourself from liability with crisp, highly visible ADA compliant striping.

Now is the Time to Save on Alameda Commercial Paving Services

Fewer people out and about mean less traffic on your paved surfaces. This significantly speeds commercial parking lot installation and repair services, offering tremendous opportunity for savings. Trained and equipped to operate safely through the pandemic, following strict guidelines to protect the public, our commercial paving contractors continue to provide essential services. We’re here for you in this trying time, offering multiple treatment options, and helping you prioritize maintenance needs so you can maximize savings.

Preserve the picturesque appeal of your Alameda grounds. Restore your asphalt to its former glory with help from the best commercial paving contractors in Alameda. Contact American Asphalt at 510-723-0280 to schedule a free pavement evaluation today.  

Alameda – Jewel of the San Francisco Bay

Alameda is known for its old-fashioned, small-town feel. With stunning views and a beachy vibe, this tiny island is a popular place to live and visit. American Asphalt has been providing asphalt services to this quaint island town since 1985, helping to maintain its unique charm and reputation as one of the coolest suburbs in America.