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Commercial Paving Company in Fairfield

parking lot paving

Commercial Paving Company in Fairfield

Does your commercial property or residential community set an inviting scene, featuring smooth, well-designed pavement, or does it exude the feel of a partially demolished obstacle course? If your patrons are constantly dodging potholes, or your faded striping facilitates ongoing parking fiascos, you need professional help. Get your roadways, driveways, and parking areas back to their best with help from a commercial paving company in Fairfield and Vacaville that can handle all of your paving needs.

Paving the Way to Success for Your Fairfield or Vacaville Business

Repulsive pavement is not good for business. Fortunately, our in-house team of paving professionals can get your paved surfaces back in shape fast. We offer an extensive range of Solano County services, including:

  • Crack filling
    Crack filling is excellent camouflage, but its most important function is preventing damage from water infiltration. Before your cracks reach the earth’s core, avoid the need for untimely and expensive removal and replacement with our fast, effective crack filling services.
  • Asphalt sealing
    Like sunblock for your skin, our sealcoating services guard your Fairfield or Vacaville asphalt against environmental stressors, reducing the likelihood of damage and doubling its lifespan.
  • Asphalt resurfacing
    It’s no fun getting old – just ask your pavement. Luckily, you can extend its life and hide signs of aging. Fill unsightly cracks and eroded patches, giving your asphalt a facelift with our premium slurry seal mixtures.
  • New asphalt installation and replacement
    Whether you need new asphalt for your budding business venture, or removal and replacement is the only solution left for your ravaged asphalt, our Fairfield and Vacaville paving contractors have the design and construction experience to get the job done.
  • ADA compliant striping
    Say goodbye to drivers straining to see parking spaces and making up their own. Showcase disabled access and maximize parking with our clear, bright parking lot striping services.

Not All Paving Contractors Are Created Equal

Our Solano County contractors outshine the competition. A leader in the industry, we manage all aspects of pavement care. We are employee-owned and take pride in our work. Our in-house team of paving experts loves working with stinky, smelly asphalt. We operate like a well-oiled machine, efficiently scheduling pavement work in stages to ensure minimal disruption while achieving fast, impeccably finished results.

Does your Solano County asphalt need an extreme makeover? Make it beautiful again with a commercial paving company in Fairfield and Vacaville that specializes in remodeling ugly asphalt. Contact American Asphalt at 510-723-0280 for an up-front, competitive estimate today.  

Fairfield and Vacaville, Great Places to Work, Live, Play… And Lay Asphalt

We’ve been providing asphalt installations and maintenance services to Solano County and the cities of Fairfield and Vacaville since 1985. Located about midway between San Francisco and Sacramento, Fairfield and Vacaville offer beautiful residential areas, stunning natural scenery, and convenient access to area wineries and a multitude of nearby businesses. American Asphalt is proud to serve these thriving communities.