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Commercial Parking Lot Repairs and Installation in Alameda

Commercial Parking Lot Repairs and Installation in Alameda

parking lot repair

Your parking lot is one of the first impressions patrons get of your establishment. When your parking lot is in poor condition, it leads potential customers to wonder about the internal state of your establishment. Support your business’ image, attracting customers and tenants to your business with commercial parking lot repair and installation in Alameda.

Maintain the Charm of Your Alameda Business

Alameda residents and businesses love the area’s quaint charm. While the island is known for its old-fashioned small town feel, you must take care to protect your Alameda retail, commercial, or industrial center from presenting a worn appearance. Suffering repeated abuse from weather, vehicles, and pedestrians, your parking lot is particularly susceptible to this issue. A top quality installation and timely asphalt maintenance are essential to preserving the image your Alameda business presents to the public, upholding the area’s picturesque appeal.

Fast, Lasting Parking Lot Installations and Repairs

Avoid premature wear and safety hazards with complete concrete services from American Asphalt. Our professional, in-house team can masterfully manage:

  • New parking lot additions
    We design and install parking lots of all sizes, even large, stadium-sized lots. Our team can devise solutions for even the most complex roadway and parking situations, helping you avoid pitfalls in traffic flow and drainage that can impact the longevity and safety of your lot.
  • Crack and pothole repair
    Our concrete maintenance crew can expertly repair cracks, ruts, and potholes that shorten the lifespan of your parking lot. These defects collect water and debris, allowing it to penetrate surface layers, and speeding the need for costly concrete replacement. Such obstacles also pose a trip and fall risk, putting your patrons at risk of serious injury.
  • ADA markings
    Whether you need a simple restripe or a new parking lot layout, you can count on our bright, crisp ADA compliant striping to increase traffic visibility and safety. 
  • Sidewalks, walkways, and curbs
    Let us help you enhance the performance of your parking lot with strategically placed curbing, walkways, and sidewalks that improve vehicular traffic flow and pedestrian safety.
  • Drainage additions
    Standing water is the enemy of your parking lot. Trapped in cracks and potholes, it can penetrate the deepest layers of your pavement, drastically shortening its lifespan. Our skilled team can help you mitigate drainage issues, expertly integrating curbing, slope adjustments, and drainage or inlets, to move water to a more suitable location, preventing parking lot deterioration.

A Trusted Paving Provider

American Asphalt is an industry leader, helping maintain the appearance of the Bay Area’s busy shopping centers, businesses, and industrial parks for over 35 years. Our expertise and pre-job planning ensure minimal disruptions and impeccable finished results. We will work closely with you and your tenants, safeguarding the operation of your business by maintaining traffic flow and parking through the completion of your paving project.

Improve the looks, function, and value of your property. Uphold the charm of your Alameda area business with commercial parking lot repair and installation from American Asphalt today. Contact us at 800-541-5559 to schedule a complimentary assessment and quote for new parking lot additions or repairs today.