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Commercial Asphalt Driveway Maintenance

Commercial Asphalt Driveway Maintenance

commercial driveway paving

The condition of your driveway says a lot about the way you operate your business. Convey perfection down to the smallest detail with a beautiful, welcoming driveway. The American Asphalt team offers proven solutions to extend the life of your pavement, providing trusted commercial asphalt driveway maintenance services for your HOA, campus, retail center, restaurant, office, or industrial park.

Maintain Asphalt Surfaces with Regular Sealing

Cracks, pits, and voids in asphalt surfaces can quickly deteriorate the pavement sublayers when water and debris infiltration occur. Protect your commercial driveway with crack sealing and slurry sealing from American Asphalt. Our crack sealants offer lasting performance, preventing the progression of damage to sub-base layers. Our tried-and-tested slurry sealing solutions form a long-wearing, hard surface, repairing damaged asphalt, and protecting against water seepage, weather, and oxidation that can shorten the life of your pavement.

Patch and Level Pavement

Restore worn asphalt, ensuring a smooth, even surface with our professional patching and leveling services. We follow California state requirements for asphalt patching materials, producing specialized formulations based on traffic and weather conditions. Our high-quality materials and customized solutions prevent further damage, delivering lasting results.

Address Drainage Issues

Standing water can drastically shorten the lifespan of your pavement, causing deep and lasting damage. Fortunately, our paving experts can help you identify and address drainage issues quickly, making slope adjustments and integrating curbing, drainage, or inlets to safeguard your asphalt surfaces.

Improve Upon Your Existing Design

Our design experts can improve your property’s traffic flow and keep vehicles off landscaping with strategically placed curbing. We can also help you improve safety for pedestrians traveling to and from your business with ADA-compliant walkways and ramps.

Show the Way with ADA Compliant Markings and Striping

Increase visibility, maximize parking, and improve traffic flow and safety with our clean, crisp ADA compliant striping and marking services.

Protect Your Asphalt Investment with Quality Maintenance, Professional Services

You can count on our pavement repairs to stand the test of time. At American Asphalt, we don’t sub-contract our work or take shortcuts. Our in-house team of paving experts is skilled in design, construction, and maintenance. Using the latest paving techniques, premium materials, and specialty equipment, we have the skills you can rely on to safeguard your asphalt investment, addressing your needs down to the smallest detail.

A well-maintained driveway is a beautiful thing. Ensure an inviting ambiance and extend the life of your asphalt with commercial asphalt driveway maintenance from American Asphalt. Contact us at 510-723-0280 to learn more about our customized maintenance plans for your Hayward, Santa Clara, Pleasanton, Livermore, Fremont, Pleasant Hill, or Danville business today.