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Asphalt Sealing Services Fairfield

Asphalt Sealing Services Fairfield

Is your asphalt showing its age? Whip your driveways, parking lots, and roads back into shape with asphalt sealing services in Fairfield from American Asphalt. Asphalt sealing costs pennies compared to asphalt removal and replacement. Our local paving company can give your pavement a facelift, restoring it to its former glory and extending its lifespan.

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Protect Your Pavement with Affordable Sealcoating

When skillfully applied to by our experienced paving contractors, our premium sealcoating mixtures help your asphalt hold it together, filling minor voids and cracks. However, sealing offers more than a beautiful, smooth surface perfect for new parking or roadway striping. It also guards against water seepage and damage from temperature fluctuations, as well as deterioration from sunlight, air, salt, and chemicals.

Renew Your Aging Asphalt with Slurry Sealing

For pavement that has more than a few surface cracks in need of a little extra TLC, our asphalt maintenance experts may recommend asphalt resurfacing with our slurry seal mixtures. This heavier coating is ideal for filling more significant voids, cracks, and eroded areas, providing a smooth, durable, non-skid finish.

Our Fairfield Asphalt Sealing Contractors Outshine the Competition

We offer more than the usual asphalt paving services. Our in-house Fairfield paving team operates like a well-oiled machine, addressing your sealing needs in a flash. We’ll work with your schedule, ensuring minimal disruption to daily activities. We have the skills to manage projects of all sizes, from small office complexes to large retail centers and extensive industrial facilities.

Don’t let ugly asphalt put a crack in your image. Give your parking lot a makeover with asphalt sealing services in Fairfield from American Asphalt. Contact us at 510-723-0280 to schedule a pavement evaluation today.

Fairfield, CA

Located in Solano County, Fairfield is a popular place to live and do business. It is energetic and diverse, offering a multitude of amenities, from affordable housing and great schools to plentiful parks and beautiful scenery. It is located at the crossroads of major travel routes, providing convenient access to San Francisco, Sacramento, and Napa Valley.