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Asphalt Paving Repairs

Asphalt Paving Repairs That Are Seamless

asphalt repairs crewIs the pavement on your property beginning to age, causing concerns that asphalt paving repairs will be an expensive hassle?
If you select American Asphalt as your contractor, we fix deteriorating pavement quickly, seamlessly, and with no disruption to your business. We also offer prices competitive with any Bay Area paving company.
Because moisture works quickly to undermine pavement, you should schedule asphalt paving repairs at the first signs of significant damage. Through cracks, water penetrates beneath the surface, deteriorating pavement at its base.
Damage in the form of additional cracking, potholes, and uneven pavement develops quickly. Your business can face liability issues if driving or walking on broken and cracked asphalt is unsafe, and unsightly asphalt reflects poorly on the public image of your business.

Our Estimators Are the Best in the Business

Every repair project undertaken by American Asphalt begins with our professional estimators. Our team of experts has nearly a century of combined experience, devising creative solutions to the toughest asphalt paving repair jobs.
During the initial on-site consultation, American Asphalt’s estimators evaluate the condition of your pavement, keeping in mind factors such as:

  • We understand our clients are concerned about the cost of asphalt paving repairs. Our estimators are adept at working with clients to keep the scope of work affordable while delivering outstanding value.
  • Our priority on any project design is to ensure that drainage is adequate. If necessary, American Asphalt installs catch basins, slopes, curbing, and inlets – features often overlooked by casual observers – to prevent moisture damage.
  • Special challenges. Asphalt paving repair projects are often complex. A deteriorated parking lot, for example, may require the rebuilding of sub-surfaces to stand up to heavy traffic. Our estimators recognize these challenges when considering the cost and timeline of a project.

We Emphasize Safety and Convenience on Every Repair Project

American Asphalt crews carefully coordinate project schedules so that customers, tenants, vendors, and employees always have access to your property. We post signs alerting the public of the duration of the project, and use cones and barricade tape to redirect foot and vehicle traffic safely. We also work efficiently, often finishing major jobs in two days or less.
American Asphalt clients include HOAs, public entities such as school districts, retail centers, and corporations in Bay Area cities such as Walnut Creek, San Jose, Vallejo, Fairfield, Vacaville, Green Valley, and Cordelia.

Our Professional Associations Help Us Better Serve Our Clients

To keep informed of issues that concern our clients, American Asphalt maintains close ties to several trade organizations. Membership in groups such as the Building Owners and Managers Association, Executive Council of Home Owners, and the Institute of Real Estate Management provide us with topical information that enables us to offer our clients asphalt paving repair services of consistently high quality.

Call Today for a Quote on Asphalt Paving Repairs

For professional asphalt paving repairs, call 800-541-5559 today to schedule an on-site meeting with an American Asphalt estimator.