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Asphalt Crack Sealing and Repair Oakland

Asphalt Crack Sealing and Repair in Oakland

Asphalt Crack Sealing and Repair

Every asphalt surface will eventually fall victim to cracks and pits. Fortunately, there’s a way to fend off the assault with asphalt crack sealing and repair in Oakland, Fairfield, and Vacaville from American Asphalt. Routine crack sealing and repair are an essential part of pavement maintenance. Fixing those squishy-textured, squiggly lines offers a cost-effective defense, lengthening asphalt lifespan at a fraction of pavement replacement cost.

Fast Patching and Repairing of Asphalt Cracks

Rubberized polymer crack sealant prevents pavement failure and the expansion of cracks and potholes by stopping moisture from penetrating pavement. But not just any sealer will do. Subpar sealers shrink and crack, putting the pavement at your Oakland property at risk. We use only high-quality professional fillers formulated to resist shrinkage to ensure lasting protection.

Asphalt Sealcoating for Added Protection

Regular sealcoating does more than keep your asphalt looking good. It protects pavement against damage from sunlight, rain, extreme temperatures, and roadway chemicals that can wear it down over time, more than doubling its lifespan.

Asphalt Replacement in Oakland

Left unchecked, cracks that progress to potholes and erode base materials will ultimately lead to pavement failure and the need for parking lot replacement. If your Oakland, Fairfield, or Vacaville parking lot is beyond repair, rest assured, our skilled paving contractors can remove and replace it with smooth, shiny new pavement with minimal disruption to daily activities.

We Can Manage the Needs of Any Size Paving Project

  • Private and public driveways and roadways
  • Subdivision, apartment, and HOA roadways and parking areas
  • Restaurant and retail parking lots
  • Government, educational, and healthcare facilities
  • Commercial and industrial parks
  • Playgrounds and sports courts
  • And much more

Our Oakland Paving Contractors Ensure Lasting Performance

The American Asphalt team has the equipment and experience to deliver smooth, durable paving results. We understand the importance of prepping cracks by removing dirt, weeds, and old filler and applying crack sealers and patches only in warm, dry conditions. Waiting for repairs to cure before topping off pavement with a smooth layer of sealcoating ensures thorough adhesion.

Prevent pavement deterioration with asphalt crack sealing and repair in Oakland, Fairfield, and Vacaville from American Asphalt. Contact us at 510-723-0280 to schedule a pavement evaluation today.

Oakland, CA

Oakland offers beautiful views, from sparkling ocean waters to redwood-covered hills. Located on the San Francisco Bay’s east side near Fairfield and Vacaville, this Alameda County city offers a variety of shopping, dining, and entertainment options. Oakland’s deep-water port in the inner harbor is bustling with attractions including the USS Potomac Museum, luring visitors, residents, and businesses. American Asphalt has been proud to provide this diverse, energetic city with cost-effective commercial paving services since 1983.