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Asphalt Crack Sealing and Repair in Oakland

Asphalt Crack Sealing and Repair in Oakland

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Do the potholes and cracks in the asphalt on your Oakland retail, commercial or residential property rival the Grand Canyon’s plunging depths? Don’t hit rock bottom. Make sure your pavement rises to the occasion with asphalt crack sealing and repair in Oakland from American Asphalt. Our expert asphalt repair services are second to none. We’ve been providing award-winning paving services to the Bay Area since 1985, helping our customers keep their parking lots, driveways, and roadways looking their best.

Don’t Float Potholes – Patch Your Parking Lot Now

Before losing a customer or employee to the seemingly bottomless potholes peppering your parking lot, consider our rapid pavement repair services. We can address even the deepest potholes on your Oakland grounds in a flash, working with you to ensure minimal disruption. Our in-house team of paving experts will attend to even the smallest detail, performing full-depth repairs and restoring your asphalt to its former glory.

Our Skilled Paving Contractors Can Kick Your Cracks

Don’t let water and debris penetrate your pavement’s subbase layers. Prevent the progression of asphalt damage, preserving the life of your pavement with timely crack filling services from American Asphalt. Our skilled paving crew can plug your biggest cracks using specialized formulations that expand and contract to provide year-round performance.

Lay It on Thick with Routine Sealcoating Services

Protect large asphalt-covered surfaces, including commercial parking lots, roadways, and playgrounds in Oakland, with regular sealcoating protection. Sealcoating fills cracks and pits, preventing damage from progressing. Routine sealcoating doubles your pavement’s lifespan, safeguarding it against daily abuse from water, air, freeze/thaw cycles, sunlight, salt, chemicals, and mechanical wear-and-tear.

Worn Out Asphalt? Scrap It and Replace It!

When repairing your Oakland asphalt just isn’t enough, and you don’t know what to do, we’ve got you covered, providing rapid asphalt removal and replacement services. Our professional design and construction team can help you reinvent your parking lots and roadways, improving traffic flow and drainage and maximizing parking. 

Our Reputation is as Solid as Concrete

We have a reputation in the Oakland community for providing trustworthy, reliable services. Our thorough assessment of pavement repairs ensures that small problems do not become large ones. Our commercial paving company can manage projects of all sizes, helping you save on repairs. We complete every project in-house from start to finish, never delegating to subcontractors, so your business can enjoy the advantages of our fast service and lasting, beautifully finished paving results.

Restore your pavement to its former glory with asphalt crack sealing and repair in Oakland from American Asphalt. Contact us for a quick quote or to learn more about our cost-effective asphalt maintenance plans today.

Oakland – Beautiful Views in the Big City

Located east of San Francisco, near Berkeley, San Leandro, and Alameda, Oakland is bordered by 19 miles of coastline in the west, offering spectacular views of the Bay and the Pacific. It holds expanses of rolling, redwood-covered hills filled with an extensive network of hiking trails to the east. At Jack London Square in downtown Oakland, the USS Potomac museum and many popular restaurants, shops, and attractions lure residents and visitors. Thanks to Oakland’s deep-water port, its economy is highly diverse, spanning many industries from business services to technology, manufacturing, and transportation.