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Asphalt Temperatures Can Be Dangerous for Pets

It doesn’t take much heat for pavement to become too hot to handle. Unfortunately, since people usually wear shoes when venturing outdoors, it can be easy to forget that hot asphalt temperatures can be dangerous for your pets. As it turns out, running across hot asphalt with bare feet isn’t any more comfortable for animals than it is for you.

What Pavement Temperature is Too Hot for a Pet’s Paws?

While it might be fantastic flip-flop weather, warm Bay Area summer temperatures make pavement too hot for pet paws on most days. Asphalt temperature surpasses air temperature by a shocking amount:

  • At 77 degrees, asphalt temperature registers 125 degrees
  • At 86 degrees, asphalt temperature registers 135 degrees
  • At 87 degrees, asphalt temperature registers 143 degrees

*Journal of the American Medical Association

These temperatures are much warmer than an uncomfortably hot, 105-degree bath. You could fry an egg in seconds on the pavement in this heat. Even a short walk through a parking lot or park can seriously injure paws, causing blisters and burns in as little as 60 seconds. Young animals’ soft, sensitive footpads are even more susceptible to scorching surfaces. As body temperature rises, heat stroke also becomes a concern.

Ensure Safety with a Touch Test on Hot Pavement

Like puppies and kittens’ footpads, the skin of the elderly and babies is thinner than most adults. That’s why plenty of tools are available for measuring bath water to ensure safety and comfort – but that’s not the case for pavement. Fortunately, a simple touch test can help you keep your four-legged friend safe from the scorching pavement. If you can’t hold your hand or bare foot on hot pavement for 10 seconds, it’s too hot for your pet’s paws. This test also works well for concrete, sand, dirt, and other terrain that may also become dangerously hot.

Tips for Creating Pet-Friendly Paved Areas

Our paving contractors recommend the following to ensure a comfortable outdoor experience for pets:

  • Including reflective additives to asphalt to lower surface temperatures
  • Integrating pale, crushed rocks into pavement
  • Applying light-colored, cool surface treatments to paved surfaces that reflect more sunlight than asphalt
  • Substituting lighter shades of concrete for asphalt
  • Incorporating greenery and trees into your landscape design, which absorb less solar heat and provide shade

Are you building or refurbishing a pet-friendly park or play area? Ensure safety and fun for everyone with help from American Asphalt. We know that asphalt temperatures can be dangerous for pets. Contact us at 510-723-0280 for a quote on your pet-friendly Bay Area, Hayward, San Jose, Pleasanton, Alameda, or Fairfield paving project today.